October 17, 2023

Keys to Reading Blueprints in Building Automation Systems (BA)

Keys to Reading Blueprints in Building Automation Systems (BA)

Before BA system design goes on site, several drawings need to be obtained: a wind system diagram, a water system diagram, and an electrical diagram.

Next, I will explain how to read main content of drawings based on actual design.

Wind: air conditioning, including wind air conditioning system diagrams, water system diagrams, these two drawings you should understand well. It includes number and type of fans, as well as installation of various valves and sensors in water supply system.

In simple terms, air system mainly includes fans, blowers, exhaust fans, air cabinets, fresh air fans, air conditioning air cabinets and coils.

The sensors installed on fan mainly include a differential pressure switch and a temperature sensor, RVVP wires are laid.

The plumbing system, water supply pipe, return water pipe, chilled water pipes and cooling water pipes should be different, but they are usually easy to distinguish on site: a pipe with an insulating layer is chilled water, and a pipe without direct exposure is a cooling water pipe.

The diameter of water pipe depends on size of water pipe. Relatively common DN400-DN100. To know specific diameter of pipe, it is convenient to set up equipment. Sensors installed on water pipes, water flow switches, flow meters, pressure sensors, temperature sensors.

Electricity: Electricity, cold energy, including low voltage power distribution scheme, this drawing must be fully understood, control scheme of each road, control aspect, whether public lighting or sockets. must be distinguished. The secondary circuit diagram must be done well, because control problem must be developed, whether it is active signal control or passive signal control, it must be distinguished.

Water: Water supply and drainage are relatively simple, system diagram is sufficient, location of sump, location and size of water pipe can be clearly seen.

Fire: fire suppression is generally in home fire extinguishing system, wind, water and electrical systems are separated from low current system (fire protection and low current system are often done by two companies). . So in principle there is no need to consider issue of fire protection, but design must be well coordinated, because fan can usually draw air, but it must throw smoke when fire protection, so two sets of control ideas are required, which is usually it is controlled by BA , but should be turned off during fire protection, BA signal is controlled only by PU.

Generally speaking, electrical circuit of secondary circuit must have a clear idea of ​​control. All BA controls are not availableelima from electrical secondary circuit. Thus, operating experience shows that you have a good relationship with head of electrician. Everything is easy to handle, otherwise electricity will cause you problems, secondary circuit will create a mess for you, and air conditioner will cause you problems. If you do not cooperate with debugging, your system will completely break down.

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