October 14, 2023

How to connect a Hikvision DVR to a pickup truck?

1. Please check if your analog DVR supports recording first

You can check if DVR supports audio through official site parameters, how many audio channels it supports, audio interface and pickup requirements

2. Does NVR support recording?

This depends on external IP camera. An IP camera can only support recording if it has an audio capture function and audio interface on network hard disk recorder is used for voice intercom. That is, as long as camera supports audio, network hard disk recorder has no limit on number of audio channels, and can realize full access to audio channel.

3. How to connect a pickup

1. For recording, pickup is connected to a VCR with a hard disk. The manufacture of pickup is consistent with hard disk DVR interface, just plug in

2. The pickup connects to a network camera for recording. An ordinary sensor has three wires: a positive pole of power supply, a negative pole of power supply, and a signal line.

Connection steps:

1. Connect pickup signal line to "Audio IN" interface of camera

Note. The camera does not supply power to pickup, so pickup must be powered from an external power source.

4. After wiring operation is completed, you need to go to VCR to set:

1. Codestream type set to "compound stream"

Enter main menu of device - recording configuration - encoding options - recording options, select "composite stream" for "code stream type"

How to connect a Hikvision DVR to a pickup truck?

2. Check box "Record Audio"

Check "record audio" in recording options

How to connect a Hikvision DVR to a pickup truck?

How to check if there is sound during playback:

You can download video and play it on Hikvision Player to see if there is sound. If there is no sound from player, check pickup wiring, power supply, and pickup problems. If player has sound, check audio output.

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