October 13, 2023

Australian court fines Apple $9.6M for making false claims against iPhone buyers

Australian court fines Apple $9.6M for making false claims against iPhone buyers

Apple has been fined A$9 million ($9.6 million) by Federal Court of Australia for making false or misleading claims against buyers of defective iPhones and iPads.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) filed a lawsuit after receiving complaints about "error 53", which caused some Apple devices to turn off after updating operating system

Apple has reportedly advised users that if their iPhone or iPad has been repaired by another company, they are not eligible for a refund.

Last year, ACCC filed a complaint in Federal Court for false or misleading representations to buyers of faulty iPhones and iPads about their rights under law.

In a statement, ACCC Commissioner Sarah Court said: "In event of a product failure, customers have right under Australian Consumer Law to have it repaired or replaced, and sometimes even receive a refund."

"The Court held that repairing an iPhone or iPad by anyone other than Apple does not, and cannot, void consumer warranty or void consumer's right to recover damages."

Apple has acknowledged that between February 2015 and February 2016, at least 275 Australian customers were misled about an issue on its US website by Australian store employees and support calls.

Apple is also promising new devices as replacements, consumer advocacy organization said, as it offers refurbished products to customers after serious device failures.

On Tuesday, Apple said it had a very productive dialogue with ACCC and promised to provide "excellent service" to Australian users.

This error was previously described as "appearing when a device fails security checks" and an operating system update has been released to address this issue.

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