October 07, 2023

IBM introduces real-time artificial intelligence for transaction processing on IBM z16

IBM introduces real-time artificial intelligence for transaction processing on IBM z16

On Thursday, global technology company IBM unveiled IBM z16, a Telum processor that enables customers to use AI to analyze data in real time. This innovation is designed to enable customers to analyze transactions in real time at scale for mission-critical workloads such as credit cards, healthcare, and financial operations.

The IBM z16 is also specifically designed to protect against recent threats that can be used to break modern encryption technologies.

“The IBM z16 is an important part of accelerating digital transformation process for organizations across continent. By simplifying hybrid cloud adoption, modernizing applications, and providing security, encryption, and data resiliency, customers get what they want from cloud, as well as privacy and security. they need it,” said Julia Carvalho, general manager of emerging markets for IBM Africa.

"IBM z16 offers revolutionary AI and cyber resilience technologies, making it a critical platform for any digital transformation," she said.

Real-time enterprise AI

Financial institutions around world are grappling with impact of fraudulent activity on their revenues and customer interactions. The IBM z16 integrates AI inference with an IBM Telum processor. Inference refers to act of using a neural network to obtain information after it has been trained.

The innovation will allow banks to analyze fraudulent activity in large transactions. The IBM z16 can handle 300 billion inference requests per day, company says.

For consumers, this could mean reducing time and effort required to process fraudulent credit card transactions. For merchants and card issuers, this could mean less loss of revenue as consumers avoid frustration of false positives as they can switch to other cards for future transactions.

Other threats, including tax fraud and organized retail theft, are becoming a problem for government and corporate controls. Alternative payment methods such as real-time payments and cryptocurrencies push boundaries of traditional fraud detection methods.

The new capabilities of IBM z16 will help create a new class of use cases, including:

  • Loan Approval: Speed ​​up your commercial or personal loan approval
  • Clearing and settlement. Determine which trades and/or trades may be at high risk prior to settlement.
  • Federated Retail Learning: Better Simulation of Fraud and Theft Risks
  • Protect data

    In a hybrid cloud environment that includes both on-premise and public cloud resources,protection from modern threats and cybercriminals who can steal data for later decryption is critical. IBM uses techniques such as end-to-end encryption and confidential computing to protect data from future threats that may evolve as quantum computing advances.

    As a quantum security system, IBM z16 is based on lattice-based cryptography, a method of creating security primitives that help protect data and systems from current and future threats. With IBM z16 quantum-safe encryption, enterprises can prepare their applications and data for future today.

    The IBM z16 also supports secure boot (meaning that attackers cannot inject malware into boot process to take over system during boot) and quantum-safe encryption to help customers counter future threats associated with quantum computing, including today's attacks after data collection. and decryption can lead to extortion, loss of intellectual property and disclosure of other sensitive data.

    Hybrid Cloud Modernization

    IBM said, "Over past three years, IBM has invested heavily to fulfill its commitment to open source technologies on IBM zSystems platform and to provide a shared developer experience in hybrid cloud."

    "These solutions are designed to help our customers seamlessly leverage their investments and strengths of their existing IT infrastructure, cloud, and applications, while giving them more flexibility in their architecture choices," it said.

    IBM z16 goes on sale May 31, 2022