April 04, 2023

What is a smart security system?

What is smart security? Intelligent security refers to service informatization, image transmission and storage technology. With development of science and technology, intelligent security has become supreme field of security.

With popularization of IoT technology, simple security protection in past has already turned into smart city security, such as: smart communities, financial enterprises, subway stations and other places. Thanks to biometric technology, it can take pictures at any time, track and locate, and in other ways establish a full range of three-dimensional security. It is a comprehensive system that takes into account general urban management system, environmental protection monitoring system, traffic management system, emergency management system and other applications.

Especially with advent of Internet of Vehicles, it has become possible to more quickly and accurately track and locate in public transportation management, accident resolution, and vehicle theft prevention. You can also get more accurate disaster information, traffic information, vehicle location information, public facilities safety information, weather information and other information sources through vehicles anytime, anywhere. The workload of intelligent security information technology is increasing and tends to be more complex. At same time, automatic testing system that appeared at same time has taken development of digital security technology to a new stage. Automated testing system technology is a new technology that seamlessly combines computer technology, communication technology, and detection technology.

What is a smart security system?

Analysis of key areas of application of intellectual security

Smart Campus

Some schools play an important role in keeping colleges and universities safe and stable. Smart security can not only monitor real-time security hazard areas of school, but also compensate for lack of security forces and solve problems such as inadequate monitoring. While ensuring security of university resources, intelligent security also facilitates cooperation with public security department to combat crime and increase likelihood of cases being solved. Intelligent security typically includes business modules such as video surveillance, access control, visitor management, broadcast intercom, dynamic environment management, visual patrol, public address and intercom systems. Its platform uses an efficient, stable, advanced platform architecture with ability to scale and expand business. At present, some colleges and universities with a good security structure generally use characteristics of open architecture, component layout, bus integration, building block development, and distributed deployment to ensure that system follows the information technology development trend and adapts to future business applications. , and need for expansion.

What is a smart security system?

Smart security in showroom

Strengthen implementation of construction of spiritual civilization at national level, open museums and memorial halls free of charge for whole society, and strengthen importance and investment in construction and management of museums and cultural centers. As a result, museum building and security systems are also undergoing a period of rapid development. Most modern museum security systems are relatively simple in design, largely through simple video surveillance, making job of securing a museum a hidden hazard. As a museum security system, it should be a multi-module, multifunctional, intelligent, highly sensitive system that combines software and hardware.